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What You Didn't Know About Today's Garage Doors

What You Didn’t Know About Today’s Garage Doors

The garage door, not the front entry door, is the main access point to the home for more than 70% of homeowners. (National survey) The garage door can command six times more space than the front entry door. 71% of homeowners use garage door openers to get into their homes... Read More

Five Red Flags

Like any other service-based business, professional garage door companies work to earn your business legitimately. These tips can be red flags that indicate something is amiss. If you aren’t comfortable with how the process is going, ask clarifying questions or say you’re going to take some time to consider next... Read More

Ten Tips on Choosing A Garage Door Repair Service

Use these ten tips to choose a quality garage door repair service. Ask your friends or neighbors to recommend a good garage door company. Contact two or three business to ask for estimates, and be sure to ask for details about product warranties. Ask the company for a list of... Read More

Can a Thief Intercept the Radio Signal of Your Garage Door Opener?

Transcript from ABC News: Tonight, new concerns raised by a small device that can help thieves gain easy access to homes. It’s called a code grabber and if you use a remote control to open your garage door, you could be a perfect target. Here’s ABC’s Phillip Mena. Watch this... Read More

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Recent Progress on New Facility

Curious as to how much progress has been made on the new DH Pace Company of Oklahoma City facility? Here are some photos from this week! Read More

Ladies and Gents, We Have Broken Ground

We are extremely excited to announce that recently we have broken ground on a new facility for DH Pace of Oklahoma City! Over the last few years, business has been good and company growth came as a result. We’ve gotten crowded in our current location, so in order to continue... Read More

Growing Our Fleet

It’s getting a little crowded around the loading dock for the time being, but we have big plans for the future! More on that later… We’ve also grown our fleet to five full-size trucks and three KUVs (Knapheide Utility Vehicles). Not all the fleet is pictured below, but it gives... Read More

What Is Cost Vs. Value?

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Uses for Old Garage Doors and Openers

There are many things you can do to recycle old garage doors and garage door openers, so instead of throwing it all away in the dumpster, recycle and find creative ways to reuse those old garage door parts! Practical Uses for Old Garage Door Parts There are many practical ways... Read More

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